Eggs are used in the cakes to emulsify and give them a better texture and glaze to the icing, even though there are lots of additional preservatives and emulsifiers available but these are artificial substances and do not make the cake as tasty as eggs do and thus we use eggs and egg products only.

Sugarbuds bakery uses eggs to emulsify the color and add more texture to the cakes that the bakery makes and therefore does not rely on artificial preservatives. This makes the cake and muffin prepared by the baker really tasty and healthy since we altogether eliminate the use of artificial emulsifiers.

We use eggs in the birthday and wedding cakes to give the crust a golden brown with the ingredients present in the eggs. Also the use of eggs by sugarbuds bakery prevents the eggs from being crumbled and this also allows us to make multilayer cake buildings.

We enhance the texture of cake and muffins and the wedding cakes get a textured glow due to the use of eggs.

The cream reflects a smooth glow and the flavor is amazing. We bind nuts, crumbs and seeds with the cream with the help of eggs. This retains moisture that helps in keeping the glaze of the cream preserved for a long time.

To increase the volume of the cream in the cake sugarbuds bakery used eggs. This increases the volume of the froth and makes the cream more delicious and tasty to eat. One can feel the smoothness and softness of the cake and cream made by the sugarbuds bakery.

Since we know that egg is a the best option to bring out the best taste in the cake we use only eggs and its different forms like dried egg, blended, fortified and also frozen and liquid eggs to bring that delightful flavor and glaze in the cake. We have also incorporated eggs for the gel fillings. The use of eggs also gives a better nutrition value and better because of higher protein content in the eggs which cannot be achieved by adding artificial flavoring and glazing substances.

Sugarbuds bakery cake tastes best just because we use natural products as the ingredients.

One can get the cake for any occasion, be it a birthday celebration or a wedding party. The cake will get all the eyes because of its natural glaze and texture. And it is for sure that the party will be incomplete without a sugarbuds bakery cake. In fact the wedding cakes are quite possibly the finest wedding cake in the world.

Sugarbuds name is owned by Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. and we provide the license to use the name of the bakery. We cater all types of cakes and cake products, from cakes to muffins. Moreover sugarbuds bakery used natural materials like eggs to give that distinct glaze to the cream. So if you are aspiring to make a mark in the bakery field we will give you the license to use the sugarbuds name for the cake.

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