If one wishes to have the tastiest cake delicacy for their birthday day Sugarbuds Bakery cake is a must try. With the finest designs of the icing and custard filing sugarbuds offer the best taste as well. There are varieties even for the birthday cakes that the baker makes from celebrity birthday cakes to custom design. There is a wide array to choose a birthday cake. Birthday cake is the centre of attraction and no birthday party is complete without a birthday cake Sugarbuds Bakery will ensure to give the best birthday cake.

Celebrity birthday cake

Have a favorite celebrity? Come to Sugarbuds Bakery to choose the cake that the celebrity had for their birthday. Come to Sugarbuds Bakery to know more about the taste and preference of the celebrity and also the cake what they had for their birthday party. Sugarbuds Bakery also makes birthday cakes for celebrities. Being one of the most renowned the baker sugarbuds cater for celebrity birthday parties also.

Custom designs

Sugarbuds Bakery offers to take the challenge to make custom design for the birthday cake. Choose the shape, size, icing, filing color and flavor of the birthday cake and the baker will ensure to deliver exactly to the requirements. One can also opt to get handmade paintings done on the birthday cake. The baker will provide the finest birthday cake one might ever had for their birthday party.

Just birthday cake

At Sugarbuds Bakery the baker ensures to give the best icing and cake bread for the birthday party. The work of the dedicated team is awesome. Every aspect of the cake is well crated and made. This way the birthday cake is made the finest delicacy of the birthday party.

If one talks about the cake bread, it is fuller and soft and icing is amazing and in so many flavors. One can also get filings of custard done in the cake to make it yummier. One can also get a multi flavored cake a cake with vanilla and chocolate at the same time, sounds yummy right.

The ingredients used by the bakery are finest and quality and the purchases are made only from the premier makers. This way sugarbuds also ensures that that the birthday cake is healthy and the best quality raw materials also ensure a good taste.

Sugarbuds Bakery takes pride in meeting the requirements and delivering the birthday cake well on time so ensure the happy spirit of the birthday party to carry on. The birthday cake will truly be a special recipe to give that extra taste to the birthday party and with so many options to choose from sugarbuds is certainly the baker to give a try.

Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. owns the 'sugarbuds' name and is licensing it to bakeries who aspire to be a part of this name and cater to the majority of birthday party cake requirements. So anyone who wishes to be a leader in birthday cakes under sugarbuds can do so with the license.

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