The main ingredient of any cake of muffin is the flour. Though there are substitutes but flour is generally used. Since it is the most basic raw material in cake making it should be of best quality and also the finest flour so that the cake is very fluffy and soft. Moreover the use of right flour for the cake makes it tastier and fuller. Sugarbuds bakery uses the right flour with the right amount of gluten to make the finest cake bread. The flour used by the baker is the one with the best texture and more starch content so that the cake bread rises to the best size.

Sugarbuds bakery uses flour and the best quality flour to make its cake and muffin tasty.

The bread of the cake is spongy and thick because of the finest quality of flour used in making cake. In fact sugarbuds makes use of only packaged flour to increase the reliability and also to have an increased shelf life of the flour. The safe packing of the flour ensures a healthy dessert.

Since the flour used by us is very fresh and it give the cake the real taste and flavor.

With the use of high nutritional value and easy to digest flour our cakes and muffins are also healthy. This is really good when one gets a wedding cake or an anniversary cake we use the same quality of flour for all the cake and muffin we use from simple cakes to custom design cakes. For this reason sugarbuds bakery is GTA's specialty cake shop to the stars.

The vendors which provide the sugarbuds bakery with the flour are reliable for the quality and freshness of the flour and prepare the flour with the highest standard of hygiene to ensure the best quality flour. This best quality flour assists in making the best wedding cakes, birthday cakes, special occasion cakes and sweets.

Flour being the major ingredient of the baker Sugarbuds bakery makes bulk purchases for it but at the same time ensures that it is stored properly and it is not put in use beyond the shelf life of the flour. All the stock is properly dated and discarded beyond the shelf life. A regular check and inspection ensure that the flour did not detiorate. In fact all the necessary precautions are taken to keep moisture and insects away from the flour.

Sugarbuds bakery uses cakes flour to make cakes and cupcakes and all the special occasion cakes like anniversary cakes and wedding cakes. Cake flour rises more and gives a thick, spongy, soft and porous bread loaf which gives the cake a fuller look and delicious taste. The right flour and the right quantity and quality make the Sugarbuds bakery cake one of the finest and delicious cakes of all the other cakes.

Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. owns the 'sugarbuds' name and is licensing it to bakeries who aspire to become the finest cake makers in the industry.

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