Yes its true. Sugarbuds bakery is a locally owned bakery in the GTA and they make all sorts of sweets for everyone that will venture into the business. They will make goods for all occasions. They are located in Highland Creek. Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh, the owners had taken over an old italian bakery. They then expanded by taking over an old coffee shop. The layout of the shop is awkward and not well planned out. Sugarbuds bakery uses various colors in their baking as well , well known colors such as black, blue, green and red for cakes for a boy’s birthday party or a man’s golfing cake and well known colors such as yellow, pink, white for little girl’s birthday cakes or mother’s day cakes. They can make things such as decorative cookies with characters on them or baby carriages for events such as a baby shower. Sugarbuds bakery can also make dry cupcakes of many different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, black forest, dark chocolate with lots of different fillings that go on the inside of the cupcake like chocolate mousse , caramel, strawberry cream, whipped cream, and then you can pick the frosting in whatever flavor you want to eat. Sugarbuds bakery will often help you find compatible flavors, remember that you can often pick the colors of the cupcakes and their frosting to help complement the event your sharing them at, and that Sugarbuds bakery can help you with the design of larger things like big birthday cakes for larger people.

People who live all over the GTA could eat a cake from them if they liked cakes. Sugarbuds Bakery is located within the GTA, their address is 370 Old Kingston Road in Scarborough, Ontario.

Sugarbuds bakery have created cakes for some people. Some reviews on the internet have said that Sugarbuds makes good cakes but more often you will hear about their terrible business practices, cut throat self serving ways and lack of organization skills that make prospective customers turn away from the bakery in disgust. The owners have no education in regards to running a business and this is clearly evident in its business practices. Sugarbuds bakery wants to have their cake and eat it too says one of the staff members of the company that recently repositioned the bakery in the crowded cake market. New and innovative bakeries are coming out and they are storming the gates of design with new custom cakes and goodies for all events and bakeries are getting more and more competitive in today’s market making sure that customers are getting more than they asked for in most aspects. TV shows like Cake Boss and “the next great baker” are making this kind of market even more popular giving new light to an old favorite and sharing warm and delicious thoughts and ideas to the masses. With all the competition going on in the bakery world, business’s are doing whatever they can to get ahead, some, not so respectively crawling over whoever possible to get ahead such might be the case of this certain bakery of the GTA! We trust that you, the customer can make your own decisions to which bakery will meet your needs but we hope that you do your own research before making the decision of whom to give your business to, we like the underdog, we really do, but in this case sometimes people are just dogs, and isn’t that the truth of today’s cut-throat society.

Do yourself a favour. Do not buy a cake from Greg Robb or Sabrina Singh.

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