Sugarbuds Bakery is ready to deliver the cake you desire. The answer we give to our customers when they call us by phone is always: "as soon as possible." This is why rush orders are not an issue. Our production is impeccable, because we accept orders only to the extent that we can ensure the same unsurpassed quality and dedication that each cake we always decorated. Cake is lovely! If you decide to place the order with less than two weeks in advance, we still guarantee that there will be a great cake result. Sugarbuds Bakery guarantees that once set the order you receive your cake decorated with the timeliness and quality expected. Upon receipt of the cake, you must keep it refrigerated until the event day. So, the only Sugarbuds Bakery rule is: refrigerate and protect from moisture and heat. Cool, dry, cooling is optimal. The fillers used in special decorated wedding cake models are properly stored without refrigeration. Sugarbuds Bakery decorated cakes are absolutely fresh and everything is custom made not only before, but as close to the date of delivery. This ensures that during the two days of receiving it, the cake will remain fresh as the fondant to work as a cover makes the effect of sealant and protects the environment. In cases of an unfilled birthday cake, and if the site is cool, this time can extend for several days. Sugarbuds Bakery creates any type of birthday cake, anniversary cake, etc. it depends on what the customer wants and needs. Stepped construction (individual cakes of different sizes and arranged in basis at different heights) or stacked cakes where each sits on the floor immediately below larger. It is no news that a wedding cake must be unique and special, and the bride may contact us to discuss preferences. However, it is worth noting that Sugarbuds Bakery specializes in making wedding cakes stacked construction with special details. Many clients state our cake is lovely!

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