Sugarbuds Bakery delivers what you need. It depends on your preference. If you require delivery, you can be sure that this GTA cake shop becomes responsible for the cake and ensures it will arrive at its destination in perfect condition. Opt for the most delicious cakes ever! You can always order cupcakes, too. In case you order a birthday cake, make sure you find the most suitable theme. Note that the cake must be stored in the refrigerator. However, the type of decoration may be up to 24 hours outside the fridge in a cool without losing its shape or affect its quality for consumption. It depends on what you get! Please include any requirements in the request so that Sugarbuds Bakery can coordinate and agree on the design you want. Many common questions are: • What kind of wedding cakes they do? • How far in advance should I contact Sugarbuds Bakery? • What does the service includes? Delivery and correct placement of the cake in the reception venue is ensured 100%. You can choose any combination of cake flavors and fillings. Tasting for different flavors of cakes and fillings is included! If your budget includes a reasonable number of products (i.e., not all of the products we offer) contact Sugarbuds Bakery informing the fact or communicate by telephone. Budgets are usually answered the same day they are received, so it could be lost at the time of shipment. However, the ease of applying budget has meant that sometimes receive wedding cake requests that include virtually every product this GTA cake shop offers. Sugarbuds Bakery works at a pace strong enough to be able to offer quality and excellence in service to our customers to keep everyone happy. You will love cakes! Venture onto temptation to discover new sweet secrets. Each Sugarbuds Bakery creation will delight you.

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