An occasion such as birthday is one of the best and most enjoyable days of a person and any birthday party is incomplete without a birthday cake and for a celebrity it is much more important than any other person. Therefore Sugarbuds Bakery has specialized in making celebrity birthday cakes. The celebrity birthday parties are one of the most hyped parties and draw the attention of the media as well. Thus a birthday cake is the second center of attraction of the celebrity birthday party.

Sugarbuds Bakery makes all types of beauty and unique celebrity birthday cakes. Moreover Sugarbuds Bakery ensures total satisfaction of the celebrity of their birthday cake. Sugarbuds Bakery cake will surely make the celebrity birthday more exciting and wonderful. Cake making for a celebrity birthday party though is equally difficult like other occasions but it is a much more challenging because it needs to satisfy the celebrity. We specialize in making tailor made cakes with all the attraction in the decorations from butterflies to beautiful flowers, from bows to hearts, from animated characters to simple pictures Sugarbuds Bakery makes it all.

For celebrities Sugarbuds Bakery makes more than conventional cakes.

The baker provides multilayer cakes ranging from a single layer and up to eight layers for a very big party. Sugarbuds Bakery customizes in making theme celebrity birthday cakes for theme birthday parties of celebrities. Just give the specifications of the celebrity and the birthday cake is made just exact to the specifications. Moreover the bakery had developed an array of designs that can be chosen by a celebrity in case the celebrity is not able to set out their design. Sugarbuds Bakery also ensures a unique cake on demand. A cake and design which has never been made earlier for anyone that means a custom design and which are unique.

For celebrity birthday cakes Sugarbuds Bakery also offers the different varieties of icing fruit icing to almond icing, from royal icing to fondant icing, and additional fruits and custards as toppings. Sugarbuds Bakery has been popular for a very time because of the custom designs and toppings, the celebrity cakes looks and tastes the best. Along with the icing Sugarbuds Bakery also provide with candles and sprays that match the decoration and the cake.

With the increasing demands of the celebrities to have a unique and delicious birthday cake Sugarbuds Bakery has worked for years to develop the right taste and specifications of the celebrity. Sugarbuds Bakery will give a special touch to the celebrity birthday cake combined with the best baking technique will make the cake bite a mouth watering piece for all the guests of the celebrity.

With the Sugarbuds name the bakery can cater to all the celebrity birthday cake requirements and increase their value and name with the publicity associated. Therefore if the baker aspires to have the Sugarbuds name, Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. owns the 'sugarbuds' name and is licensing it to bakeries and the aspiring bakers can obtain it.

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