Sugarbuds Bakery specializes in the development of fine decorated cakes for weddings, birthdays Children, and all kinds of special occasions. Do not waste time and order the best anniversary cake from GTA cake experts! With years of dedication and experience this cake shop has developed their own techniques; they produce innovative designs and strive to be seen as works of art in 100% mass of sugar.

In case you are wondering, the calculation by weight is indicated for baking cakes. When working with decorated cakes, the Sugarbuds Bakery cake weight can vary considerably depending on the type of cake. For instance, the wedding cake may be loaded with fruits and the method of preparation can incorporate more or less air and result in very different size cakes will yield a different number of servings. It is calculated based on standard measures assures you that regardless of the chosen Sugarbuds Bakery cake, it will yield at least for the number of people expected.

Sugarbuds Bakery always focuses on developing outstanding cake designs that are original, elegant and full of special details. Search designs for the bride who wants something different, elegant yet powerful. We can even make designs with natural flowers, delicate creations in 100% sugar to make your wedding cake a work of art and a delight that will be remembered by all. GTA cake experts ensures construction work piled up, phased or a combination of both.

You can choose the flavor and the filling of the cakes and we even offer tastings. According to customer preferences Sugarbuds Bakery combines different cakes and fillings to keep everyone satisfied to the level that no other cake shop does. Not a simple dessert! According to history facts, there was not much variety in wedding cakes. It was all about simple cakes of three or more separate floors, with white frosting, if any frosting flowers and a pair of figurines representing the bride and groom. Sugarbuds Bakery offers different floors, mounted one above the other, all sizes and colors.

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