Sugarbuds Bakery specializes in making all types of cakes from anniversary to wedding cake and small cakes like muffins and cupcakes. One the best creation of the Sugarbuds Bakery is the celebrity birthday cake. Birthday is the happiest of all days in a year and for a birthday party which is inspired by a favorite celebrity even the cake should be a celebrity birthday cake. One gets to choose the best the celebrity birthday cake to be chosen and made for the birthday party. Choose the cake that the ones favorite celebrity had on their birthday.

At Sugarbuds Bakery the baker will make the best and delicious celebrity birthday cake on demand.

All the orders will be met on the same day and that too as per the order specification. From replica birthday cakes to our own designs and custom design cakes Sugarbuds Bakery makes all types of designs and makes the yummiest birthday cake treat. The bread of the cake and the icing will be awesome in taste and quality.

Make on order at Sugarbuds Bakery and find out on your own, choose from the array of designs and catalogues featuring our best and finest designs.

They include designs of celebrity birthday cakes and the designs the celebrities prefer. So indulge in a birthday truly in celebrity style with the finest and delicious celebrity birthday cake. Sugarbuds Bakery will give utmost care handle the cake with utmost precaution to give the best celebrity birthday cake.

Sugarbuds Bakery offers numbers designs and patterns of the cake from layered cakes to designer 3D cartoons and animals. And for simplicity lover the baker makes the simple shaped designed in a unique style. Moreover, there are a number of new designs added periodically there by increasing the range of the catalogue. The flavors are distinct and new flavors are launched regularly which ensure different cake every time.

At Sugarbuds Bakery one gets to choose a custom design, icing and filing of the celebrity birthday cake. Design the cake by choosing different factors from the shape to flavor, from icing to filing. Also one can get a celebrity picture painted on their celebrity birthday cake. If one is still confused they can choose from the gallery of designs featuring hundreds of cakes.

Sugarbuds Bakery offering also includes specialty birthday cakes because here the baker takes up the challenge to meet the requirements.

With a team of dedicated chefs and artists to make the cake Sugarbuds Bakery ensures the perfect celebrity birthday cake and strives to deliver a celebrity birthday that is both yummy and has the finest design overall the most tempting cake. The designs are authentic and give such a pleasant visual that is might be really difficult to cut the cake in to pieces.

Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. owns the 'sugarbuds' name and is licensing it to bakeries, who aspire to make the best celebrity birthday cakes for celebrities as well as celebrity birthday theme parties. Sugarbuds Bakery will provide the yummiest celebrity cakes.

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