Sugarbuds Bakery understands that each client needs are unique. Cake is our thing! If you are planning a birthday party, it is fashionable to put together the cake or a dessert bar, all kinds of sweets, chocolates and fruit (fresh or dried), plus chocolate fondue set, so that guests have a sweet detail. Order the best birthday cake today! Opt from a variety of decorated and custom cakes. Above all Sugarbuds Bakery values the creative work of all those dedicated to this art, either as "art" or simply "business." But without a doubt, Sugarbuds Bakery say that this cake shop decorated cakes differ in several respects. First, the Sugar Art creations are original designs. Never see a design copied from another home baker. But it is worth commenting that often come to us through our clients, pictures of decorated cakes created by others, which are imitations of our own. We believe that using the word art in our name and our values, committed to be creative and original. Otherwise, Sugarbuds Bakery work would be a "business" and not "art". Second, Sugarbuds Bakery pays attention to the smallest detail into a creation- even when it comes to cupcakes- It is not simply design a complex wedding cake or anniversary cake scene. A creation must be consistent with the personality and taste of the client. In case of a birthday, each cake design goes along with the decor of your party or with the theme. Sugarbuds Bakery understands how to take care of finishing details on each object we model. We are not satisfied with finishing a cake decorated by simply conceding the issue, but we always go there, trying to do our best and with a constant self-criticism. Therefore, we are able to offer complete gallery of pictures, in all angles and approaches. Cake is our thing!

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