Sugarbuds bakery is that one stop bakery shop to cater all the cake, cupcakes, sweets, muffins needs.  Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. owns the 'sugarbuds' name and is licensing it to bakeries and if you wish to become a part of bakery chain to cater the demands of custom designs, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, special occasion cakes. At sugarbuds bakery we make all types and for all the purposes and occasions. We have best artists to design the cake and the best workers to meet the order well on time.

The wedding cakes are quite possibly the finest wedding cake in the world. From the bread to the cream, the decoration and the size, all the requirements are well met. All the wedding cakes are so attractive that one just cannot decide to make a single choice from so many of them. You can choose from an array of catalogues with more than hundreds of cake designs to choose from. When you come to us for a license we will show you all the wedding cake designs that we have made for so far and all the ones we are capable to make.

The muffins are everyone’s favorite from kids to adults. Even in the muffins we have so many flavors to choose and so many shapes and sizes, they are simply the most attractive muffins ever made. We have made and developed simply the best designs and flavors to be loved by all. There is a variety even for the health conscious. Sugarbuds bakery makes low fat muffins yet yummy ones to soothe the taste buds of health conscious muffin lovers.

They are also specializing in celebrity cakes and pro athlete cakes. The cakes will surely be the limelight of the occasion the best desert that can be served. With so many of the designs to choose from sugarbuds bakery cakes are like a boutique of cakes. Sugarbuds bakery cake designs are unmatched artistic works. The designs are unique and the flavor tempting. The celebrity cakes will include cakes for wedding, birthday and engagement. These cakes will be from single layer to multilayer as desired.

Sugarbuds bakery is GTA’s specialty cake shop to the stars because of the distinct flavor and design. Sugarbuds bakery is certainly the best baker when it comes to custom designs. These designs are so unique the cake so delicious and yummy that one just cannot think twice to take a big bite. The cake design features almost all the beautiful decorations possible from flowers to funky animals, from cartoons to simple decorations all as per the clients taste.

Thus sugarbuds bakery is that one bakery shop that you should look for licensing when you wish to become one of the best baker and supplier of all types of cakes. The services are matchless and quality is simply the best. You can trust are services all the time and for all the specification since we make all types of cakes for all types of occasions.

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