Are you an aspiring cake shop owner? Then it is important to be aware that for a successful cake shop, you need both quality baking products and the right marketing to reach the people. The marketing of your bakery involves the naming of the bakery, creating a value to the brand by spending a lot of money on advertising and promotions. This is a slow process to gain a momentum in the business. Instead of doing these conventional procedures, naming of your cake shop of a well established baker name in Canada offers a great marketing help to your business.

Sugarbuds Bakery works is a cake shop in Canada which is into the making of all types of cakes, muffins and other baking products like cupcakes. Sugarbuds bakery works is specialized in the making of different types of cakes. Anniversary cakes of all sizes, custom designs in birthday cakes and other special occasion cakes like the wedding cakes are a few of the types of cakes made by Sugarbuds Bakery works. This cake shop with its years of experience makes quite possibly the finest wedding cake in the world. This quality offered by Sugarbuds bakery works has made it GTA’s specialty cake shop for the stars. As celebrities and pro athletes visit the cake shop, it is a highly known brand name in the market for the purchase of baking products and sweets.

This fame and the brand value carried by Sugarbuds bakery works in Canada can be given to your bakery too by branding your bakery with the name ‘Sugarbuds’.

Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. owns the 'sugarbuds' name and is licensing it to bakeries. Purchasing this well established brand name like Sugarbuds bakery works to your bakery gives a great momentum to your new bakery business and takes it to a different league of competition. The building of a brand name of your own in the market is a slow process and involves the spending of a lot of money on advertising and promotions. The use of a well established brand name like ‘Sugarbuds’ which has a good customer base in Canada, to your bakery business acts as a great marketing help

Quality of the baking products and the right marketing is essential for the success of a bakery. By having an innovative brand name of your own might take a lot of time to catch the attention of the people. Instead by purchasing the license for the use of the name Sugarbuds bakery works gains the immediate attention of people as it is known as the cake shop to the stars in Canada. The moment the brand is registered in the minds of people, whenever they think of having a tasty muffin or cake they would wish to come to your cake shop.

Since the name Sugarbuds bakery works is being licensed to other aspiring cake shop owners by Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc, the name would be seen at various parts of the city. Thus, the cake shop with the name Sugarbuds bakery works is seen everywhere which also builds a trust among the brand in the new customers.

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