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Sugarbuds Bakery makes cakes and cupcakes. Read more about Greg Robb, Sabrina Singh and this bakery below.

Paul Cookson's company Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. paid me thousands of dollars to do content writing for Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh and Sugarbuds Bakery, My SEO skills were put to work to bring Sugarbuds formerly referred to as ** GTA's Specialty Cake Shop to the Stars upwards in Google rankings. Done successfully and consistently, this step in the marketing strategy was improving the bakeries Google Ranking on targeted key words and would if continued bring prospective customers to their fully furnished Sugarbuds web design created by Advantage. With more traffic, would have come more customers and new exciting business opportunities.

I have worked with Paul for many months and he has been an inspiration and motivating character in my life. He meets every problem with optimism and will give nothing less than his best to help a person or company in need, he wants nothing more than the success of others and their dreams. His company has paid me thousands of dollars and he himself and his staff spent countless hours carefully crafting an exciting and unique web design for Sugarbuds and the team met every challenge with enthusiasm. I am appalled that his hard work and dedication not only has been dismissed by Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh, but this company of deadbeats has only made one payment of $500.00?

Greg Robb, Sabrina Singh and Sugarbuds Cake shop have been getting some remarkable headlines across the GTA for their cake shop. Unfortunately the whole story behind their rise in publicity remains untold. They are classless, with little or no redeeming qualities; they make cakes, but unfortunately their skills end with that. Greedy and selfish they make no attempt to pay the debt that helped create the excitement around the Sugarbuds Bakery name. Would you pay the renovator that created your dream home that you continue to enjoy the luxury of? We think you would, wanting to believe the best in people Paul dedicated time, money and tireless effort to get this bakery on its feet. Not only his own but also his expert staff who were working hard continuously to ensure the success of Sugarbuds local bakery, even to the point of utilizing his own connections to get the aid of Mr. Hefner’s by allowing the bakery to make his birthday cake. Even lending the deadbeats money to fly to LA to make the cake!

Sugarbuds – There is nothing sweet about this company! They continue to dodge their debt. Sugarbuds is tiny business run by people that have no honour. They are a couple of deadbeats that take advantage of good people and have manipulated the situation to best serve themselves. Going behind the backs of the people whom have helped build them up and biting the hand that feeds them. We as a staff, as a team and as people are sick of Sugarbuds, Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh and their manipulation of us and their self serving ways.

Can’t have their cake and eat it too! We think that once people know who they are dealing with they will choose to give their business and money to another company with ethics, values and that pay their bills.

Shawna M.

** GTA Specialty Cake Shop to the Stars trademark owned by Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc.

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I was paid by my employer, Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. to build an incredible website for a bakery owned by Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh known as Sugarbuds Village Bakery. The site was located at and I believe the bakery is located in Highland Creek. Week after week after week, hour after hour after hour, I worked side by side with the owner of the company as we continued to make improvement after improvement to the site. We added page after page of content to the site to improve its Google ranking as well as continual design and functionality improvements. The site was incredible and the owners of Sugarbuds Bakery loved the site. We also designed posters and other Marketing related material for the bakery to use for Marketing purposes.

When the Sugarbuds Bakery only made one $500.00 payment to my boss and then claimed they we're too broke to pay what was due each month after the initial payment, I was shocked and dissapointed in people that I thought we're nice people.

I know as a fact, that my boss spent countless hours of his own personal time helping this bakery and he also invested thousands of Dollars paying his staff, buying supplies, hiring writers, doing favours for associates in return for these associates doing favours for the bakery, I know as a fact he made the Hefner cake connection, the joseph cake, the Creepy Canada Cake, Jasmine Richards & the Roy Meets Girl cake. He also had several incredible videos produced at his own expense to get this company viable. To add insult to injury, my boss also loaned the 2 deadbeats the money to fly Sabrina Singh and her assistant to LA to make the Hefs Cake. If he didn't lend them the money, the deadbeats would have been grounded.

It is incredible, that after all that was done for Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh and the bakery referred to as Sugarbuds Village Bakery that they would not only not pay, but that they would not mention our efforts in any of the media attention that has been created by this bakeries association with Celebrities, the very Celebrities that we made possible..

I hope that SUGARBUDS BAKERY Closes and that this couple do not steal anyone elses idea's, energy, money and enthusiasm like they have stolen from us.



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